UI/UX Designer Natsuko Eguchi

Redesigning Gatefeed Employees Training App

Gatefeed offers an efficient method of safety training and compliance management for contractors. For example, they can work with a customer's facility personnel to create a custom web-based site orientation. Being web-based ensures customers convey the most current rules, regulations, procedures and hazards at the facility where their contractors work.


The client, Gatefeed, needed to transition to an HTML5-based app from a Flash one before Adobe ends support in 2020. Here is the redesign process that I worked on:

User Research

  • Stakeholder meetings & interviews
  • Task model
  • Personas
  • User journey


  • Following design guidelines
  • Style guides
  • Responsive design
  • Low-and high-fidelity mockups in Photoshop

Prototyping / Test / Redesign

  • Clickable prototypes in Sketch and Marvel
  • Usability test
  • Design iteration


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


The new app may look very similar to the original at first glance due to the client's request.

gatefeed original app screenshot

Screenshot of the current app

However, I made multiple suggestions to improve usability, attract more customers and significantly reduce maintenance cost for the client. This was achieved as follows:

  • Supporting mobile views to attract more customers.
  • Following the design guidelines and principles to make the app look more aesthetic and intuitive.
  • No need to remember the key and type password to use the special admin features.
  • Adding a Pause button and function.
  • Eliminating many clicks to move forward to minimize the interaction cost.
  • Helping users recognize and recover from errors.

Generally speaking, reducing interaction cost for users (the client’s customers in this case) improves usability and user experience. This was achieved as follows:

Hopefully, these improvements ease any stress to their customers (even subconsciously) and result in fewer complaint calls. Show less

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November 2017

Skills/ Technique

Prototypes in Sketch and Marvel, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, responsive design

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Natsuko Eguchi was born in Osaka, Japan, and has always been curious to learn and feel what moved her in her surroundings and beyond. Eventually she found her passion in design. She received her BA in Graphic Design from California State University, Northridge, and was employed as a web designer for 10+ years in the heart of Los Angeles.

Over the course of her employment, she was also involved in web marketing, conducting A/B tests and surveys, monitoring KPIs in Google Analytics with a sales team, coordinating schedules with developers, doing QA for new development/ enhancement, customer support and in charge of managing a small blog team in the company.

"Designing apps for members of any generation" is her mantra now. With recent development, her focus is more and more toward improving usability and user experience while maintaining clean, simple and coherent design for websites and apps. This passion led her to earn a UX certificate in March 2017 from Nielsen Norman Group, a leader and pioneer in the user experience field, and she's been thrilled to incorporate skills she has learned while studying for the certificate in all of her designs. She's also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) to continue her education and solve more design problems.

When she is not busy, she loves cooking and traveling the world to satisfy her curiosity and discover new things that touch her spirit.

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